What participants say...

"Fantastic refreshing approach to practice mindfulness"


"An overwhelming, surprising, revealing, helpful, powerful, emotional, incredible course! I can honestly say this has changed and will continue to change my life."


"For me as a parent, the practices we did and the discussions we had in the group helped me sharpen my ability to pause and notice my own emotions."

"I’m able to cope much better in fraught situations such as getting ready for school and, consequently, my daughter’s distress has become more short-lived."

"Embedding kindness and compassion into my daily life, first and foremost to myself, has had a positive impact on my relationships and interaction with my children and, as an unexpected extra, with my partner too!"


"I am coping with strong emotions and generally enjoying life far more."


"I read about Jillian and Katerina's Mindful Parenting courses through my child's school. I was immediately interested. Then, when I found myself struggling with losing my temper with my two children, and me and my partner feeling constantly tense due to their endless fighting, I decided to get in touch. I booked a private session with them as I felt anything would be worth it if it helped even a little. Jillian and Katerina worked so well together to deliver what I needed. We had helpful phone calls and emails first to help establish what would be most helpful. I loved the combination of mindfulness and the practical advice around family dynamics. They helped me explore what things were a real trigger for me and how I might be able to become more compassionate with myself and therefore with my children, and find alternatives to losing my temper. I intend to book a follow up if I need it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to just feel more peace/happiness and less tension as a parent! "

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